Standard Components

Supplementary Equipment
The Göbel-Mirrors

LabXA owns five measuring stages for x-ray diffraction and one for x-ray spectroscopy. The units were selected and configured after our long experience for the market needs in the fields of materials identification and characterisation for industrial and technological applications. The hardware consists of (sometimes older, but) highly precise mechanical units (Siemens, Huber), that were intelligently upgraded by electronic controls and state-of-the-art devices for beam conditioning (optics, monochromators), radiation detection (position-sensitive, energy-dispersive) and data collection. A broad variety of sample attachments and interchangeable components guarantees a high flexibility and redundance of our services. The software includes the latest steps for data evaluation, data bases and structural modelling, resulting from many years of common projects with leading developers (Bruker AXS, Siemens CT, Socabim, Sigma-C and ICDD).