• Phase Identification of Polycrystalline Materials
- Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
- In-situ High Temperature and Reaction Studies

• Materials Properties
- Lattice Constants and Structural Refinements
- Microcrystalline Properties from Line Profiles
- Stress Analysis, In-situ Studies
- Texture Analysis

• Surface and Thin Film Characterisation
- Thickness, Roughness, Density
- Polycrystalline Phase Identification
- Preferred Orientation and Lattice Mismatch in Orientated Films
- Lattice Mismatch of Strained Epitaxial Layers

• Surface Contamination and Trace Element Analysis
- Wafer Contamination
- Environmental Pollution

LabXA looks back to 35 years experience in the field of x-ray analysis. All investigations are carried out to the best of our knowledge in a minimum of time.